The most important thing in local SEO or nationwide SEO is the RESULTS. Rankings is what I can help you with but ultimately it leads to even better things for your business. Most companies come to me looking to increase sales of their products and/or services, ultimately focused on how to boost revenue with search and increase conversions on their website. Some come to me because they want to outrank their competition and are tired of being at the bottom of the page. For whatever reason, rankings matter to you as do results.


Our Goal For Your SEO Audit

This depends on if you’re coming here for just an audit or if you’re a new consulting client but the results are the same. I want your website to be more in tune than ever before. It’s almost like getting a tuneup on a car but instead it’s getting a tuneup on your website.

Similarly, depending on how out of shape your website actually is this audit can have a huge impact on your website rankings and your overall results. Please keep this in mind as some clients come to us with well thought out and developed websites that don’t need much TLC. On the other hand some clients come to us with huge issues all around. These later clients will obviously get much more dramatic results from an SEO audit than the previous.


This is one of the most exciting parts of SEO. It’s about digging to find those golden nuggets that your potential customers are searching for all while connecting with your brand. Can you provide this information to them? Will they benefit from access to this information? Where in the branded content marketing funnel does this information fall?

We will work diligently with your marketing team to uncover potential golden nuggets that your team can use to spread your message effectively and drive sales.

What does the strategy look like? It’s completely dependent on your niche but we will work with you to help you understand your market when applied to search and find out what people are actually searching for. Once we figure that out then we decide if it’s possible to create a piece of content around that idea/product/service that will solve the problem and satisfy that person searching for your company.

Once we have this information in hand then we get to work writing or producing the content.



SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING doesn’t just have to be about Facebook. Your competition may be crushing it on Instagram or YouTube for that matter. Maybe they have a podcast that’s driving a ton of business.

We can help you find this out and show you exactly how you can compete for the same traffic and visitors. Are these strategies working well for your competition? If so then you probably need to be looking at employing these strategies for your own search marketing campaign.

Here’s a list of commonly used mediums:

  • Webpage or Website
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Interactive Content

This is why we like to work with businesses that are driven by greatness. If you want to succeed then we can help you do just that.

We will help you develop the right campaign so that you get your share of the business that’s available.


If you’re looking to convert more visitors on your website then conversion rate optimization is going to be one of the most important undertakings for your website. The benefit of CRO is doing more with what you already have.

The concept is quite simple. You’ve got a website that’s already getting traffic. This is important.

The traffic is great but you think that the overall user experience could actually be having an impact on your sales. Your offering is perfect and you’re at the top of your business game but you’re just not converting visitors to your offer like you know that you should be.

What’s A Conversion?

It can be a number of different things depending on your content and your goal for that content.

  • Website Purchase
  • Quote Request
  • Phone Call
  • White Paper Download
  • Subscription Signup
  • Email List Signup
  • Account Creation

These are just some of the things that could constitute a conversion on your website.


Next Steps…