What is your current website ranking in the search engines? The point of having a website is to get traffic, but when it is last on the list, it will go unnoticed. Studies have revealed that 74% of users who search on Google only review the results that are located on the first page. As the owner of a site, you can only do so much in the area of search engine optimization. It is always better to leave it in the hands of the professionals. There are several important reasons as to why one should hire the Fort Wayne SEO agency, but there are 5, in particular, that stand out (below).


Sets You Free from a Google Penalty

The goal of Google is to provide the best results for user searches. This classification is achieved through the authority and quality of each site. Unfortunately, spam links try to manipulate this type of website ranking, and Google tries to identify them as inorganic backlinks. The Penguin update has been created to avoid spam links. Having too many inbound links from the same site or from irrelevant, low-quality websites can lead to a penalty.

Google distinguishes between express links and implied links. These are what determine the authority of a website. The express links are the common links that we already know that link to another web. Implied links include a mention of the brand but do not have a link to the site.

From the widespread abuse in link building, Google is putting stronger sanctions on sites that are associated with spam links. When you hire a search engine optimization agency, you can rest assured that Google search engine optimization will be performed adequately.

There are numerous of benefits that come your way when you opt to correctly optimize your website. For one, if you stop and think about it, obtaining traffic will let you know if whether your Internet investment may or may not be profitable.


Meaningful Focus on Social Networks

The experts behind Bing have admitted that they pay attention to social cues. Although Matt Cutts in 2014 made it very clear that social networks do not directly influence search rankings, many believe there is a certain relationship. Social cues are becoming a very important factor for today's website SEO. Social networks resemble search engines; many people use these platforms to look for things that interest them. If you do not consider social networks a great source that brings traffic to your site, you will lose a lot of incoming traffic. The importance of social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter is increasingly important in web positioning, and a search engine optimization agency takes this into account. That's why they put a special emphasis on publicizing your products or services through social networks to increase not only the traffic to your site on the Internet, but also to improve your sites positioning on popular search engines, especially Google. Just in case you were not aware, Google search engine optimization is definitely crucial to your success on the Internet.

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Custom SEO Strategies

An SEO agency knows that no site is made equal. They will study the needs of your website, its strengths, and weaknesses in order to boost it and get closer to the results that you expect. Before starting your project, Fort Wayne SEO agency will analyze your competition to know how to create the perfect strategy. There are different changes that are made within your pages, from the structure, the code, to the metadata and microdata (information provided to search engines to facilitate indexing and to understand more easily what the site in question is all about). Each search engine has different metrics and an algorithm that evaluate the quality of a web page and its relevance for each keyword you want to position. Google search engine optimization tends to change in this aspect, from time to time. What is your Google ranking? An SEO expert will study the keywords related to your business that best suit your interests, advising you if you need to develop a pay-per-click campaign to have a solid foundation. Depending on your goals, they will recommend the most appropriate keywords for your interests. Selecting the most appropriate keywords is one of the main points to work with this type of agency. An SEO agency knows the 411 on how to make things go swimmingly in this area.

Internal and External SEO

The goal of internal SEO is to see all those points that may not be overexploited or even those that may be acting as a drag to prevent your website from climbing positions. In the field of external SEO, an SEO company will analyze any factor of the exterior of the web that can affect your website. They will focus on the creation of link structures to get the best positions, comments, and reviews in authority blogs, social network management, SEM campaign making or any other type of tool that they may consider appropriate. Your website should offer unique and quality content, something in which they will advise you on how to organize it and display it on the Internet to achieve the maximum benefit from it.

Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the great allies for local businesses that sell products or services solely in their facilities. (It also attracts high-quality visits to corporate websites or other more global goals.) It is very useful to facilitate the user's geographical location thanks to the presence on maps and, in any case, allows it to stand out from the competition since, when conducting the search, it will always appear in the top positions. Your Google ranking will be great!

SEO Agency: Your Best Bet to Attract Traffic to Your Website

As the years go by, the most important factors for Google ranking change. Search engines are getting smarter and on page optimization is not enough, hence the importance of hiring an SEO firm. They can take care of your website SEO while you watch and see how traffic pours in!  

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