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This is a digital marketing offer that you would be silly to pass up. There’s a catch though, it’s only for established businesses and it’s only for those that understand the difference a powerful SEO campaign can make to your bottom line. I charge plenty for my time but if you’re a business owner running an established business and if you can spare 45 minutes of your valuable time I will tell you what issues your website is facing and give you a plan for getting your site ranked at the top of the SERPS. This consultation is completely free and it’s kind of like a free SEO report but much better since there’s not an SEO reporting software available that can provide a true and thorough SEO report. I will analyze your website and tell you what potential issues or battles we will face while optimizing your site. I’ll explain the veteran SEO strategy I will use to get your business ranked at the top of the SERPS and traffic to your site. And I will let you know exactly what’s holding your website back.

Our Story

Summit Keeper SEO was started after a client contacted me to see if I could help them with their business. Though it was an established business it failed to rank in the Google search engine. After analyzing their website I suggested some changes and a different approach. The results were first page domination and consistent traffic which resulted in sales and Brand awareness. i have been working in the Internet Marketing arena for more than 14 years. I’ve seen many changes and updates, however with relative content that clients want to read and interact with has stood the test of time. If your website is lacking and your clients are going to your competition, you need me! I can Help! 260-436-9610


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