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Summit Keeper SEO helps you build a bigger footprint than your competition! We start by building your Brand Awareness! If people can’t find you, your business will quickly fail! Many SEO Companies talk a good talk, but fail to produce the needed results! Here at Summit Keeper SEO we not only Talk the Talk, but Walk the Walk striving to meet our clients needs by increased visibility.


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Summit Keeper SEO strives to meet the clients needs by proven methods and procedures that bring real SEO ranking results. We are committed to making your company not only seen, but will make it easy for your products and services in your business to be found. You will get potential customers earning you more profit while saving time.


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Traffic generation

Traffic and visibility are closely tied. When you have a higher visibility then traffic will be equally increased. If your website is highly ranking clicks from users will be increased. Traffic acts as the intermediary between sales and brand awareness. If brand awareness has earned good results you will have clicks, more clicks earn you higher chances of sales.

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Increase in revenue

The main aim of marketing is to earn revenue by increasing the sales every day. Miami SEO will help you drive more traffic in your website. This is an effective way online marketing is adding value for your money. If traffic is increased, sales are also increased and if you cannot increase your sales this is a good indicator that your website is ineffective and it is having issues.

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5 Tips To Dominate Google Search Engine Rankings

Every website owner is looking to have a high number of online visitors which translates to a higher income especially if you serve advertisements on your pages. Furthermore, it helps to improve download numbers for your eBook, if you have any. In order to achieve this, you need to incorporate search engine optimization techniques in your website.

Not only will they help you to dominate Google search engine especially when it comes to ranking but they will improve your website visibility attracting online visitors from around the world. It is important to know that no matter how beautiful your Web Pages are, how responsive your images are and how relevant your content is, your efforts will be fruitless if online visitors do not know that your website exists.

It is common to make the simple mistake that once you host your website online, visitors will automatically start trooping to your pages. Well, things do not happen this way. Want to learn how you can dominate Google search engine ranking? Here are search engine optimization tips to help you attract more online visitors.

1. Select an appealing niche
It is important to know that not every published content is attractive to the reader. Before you begin commissioning the building of your website, you need to select an appealing niche. This is where your research skills come in handy. Ask yourself, what is it people are talking about today? How appealing and deep is the topic? The reason for asking yourself this is because the selected topic should be of interest to online readers. For example selecting a niche like health is too broad but the niche is attractive to readers now and in the future. To ensure that you attract the right visitors, you need to specify your niche. For example weight loss, fat burning, working out and body building among others. Talking about this on your website will allow you to attract readers who are searching for information based on the selected topic. Once you have chosen the specific niche you want to concentrate on, you can develop titles and content.

2. Incorporate keywords
Now that you have selected the niche you want to concentrate on, the next step is making your content searchable by online users. This is where keywords play a crucial part. Keywords are important when it comes to digital marketing and seo plus they are among the most important ranking factors used by search engines like Google and Bing. As the keys to what online visitors want, it is important to select keywords that are relevant. A good example of a keyword is plumber New York. Using this in a search engine will reveal all websites providing plumbing services in New York City. As a website owner, your website will be crawled by search engine bots immediately you submit a site map. You don’t want to be in the second, third and other pages. You want to be in the first page. This why incorporating keywords in your content will be the first step towards being ranked in the first page. It is wise to have the main keyword and the LSI words for example New York plumber. The use of both will increase chances of online visitors finding your website with ease. You can use online keywords tools like Google Adwords keyword planner among others.

3. Develop relevant content
Content is what online readers are looking for. This is why website owners are advised never to write for search engines but to write for readers. Yes, search engine owners will say that a keyword needs to be used a number of times only. What many people forget is that use of a keyword unnaturally makes the content to be unreadable. This is why it is advisable to incorporate LSI words in your content. When developing your content, your theme should be of interest to readers. While keywords are great, they should act as a guide for your content. You don’t have to write about them. Make sure that at the end of writing the content, your work is informative and relevant with traces of fun in it.
Publish your content when the topic is still trending. Do not wait for another date to publish it as the readers will be interested in something else. In your title, use the main keyword once plus you need to add a Meta description for your content. This should be around 20 words. Don’t forget, your content should be error free too.


4. Check your site’s health
Start by checking your website keyword rank. There are online tools that can help you with this. One of them is It will help you to assess your website rank as well as that of your competitors. This information tells you what you need to change to attain first page seo ranking. Next, you need to check your page speed. This is one of the most important ranking factors used by search engines. There are free web tools to help you know your page load times. Google PageSpeed insights, Pingdom website speed test and WebpPageTest are but a few of them. Using Google PageSpeed will help you resolve problems slowing your website down. Finally, you need to know the health of your website. Do you want to know if your website has been banned by Google? Use PixelGroove’s Google penalty checker tool. All you have to do is add your domain name and click on check. The results will tell you about the health of your website.

5. Make your website to be responsive
Today, search engines insist on websites becoming multiple device friendly. What does this mean? Your website should offer the best user experience to customers using smart devices and computers. Running two websites – one for computers and another for mobile devices is too expensive. Thanks to a smart responsive development tool, website owners can convert their websites into being responsive. This will allow the website to transform itself according to the device resolution providing a better user experience. This will improve your website’s seo and search engine ranking allowing you to attract more visitors to your website.

This is should be a prospective customer’s number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.

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